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John Himmelman Talking Tree
I‘ve been an author and illustrator of children’s books (and some adult natural history) for over three and a half decades. Some time ago it occurred to me that once a book is published, I’m already working on the next one, and the one after. You have to in order to make a living at this (or at least I do). Years pass. That book you had put so much into – and was once a very big part of your life, just sits on your shelf, mostly forgotten.
I resurrect them here; starting with book one and on to each that follows – stories about the stories – in order of publication – mistakes made, lessons learned, victories and defeats. And a look at the ever-evolving techniques and styles of one particular children’s book author/illustrator. There’s not a lot of us who do this and I wondered if maybe some artist/writer/reader types would find it interesting. Guess I’ll find out.
 Each section contains illustrations scanned from that book – enough to represent what they are about (Ugh – cracked a lot of spines in the process!) 
A new book entry will be released every Monday. They’re all very quick reads – mostly illustrations, but if anyone was ever interested in what it’s like to do this, maybe you’ll receive a little insight, and hopefully some enjoyment. My main homepage is www.johnhimmelman.com

So, either stop here on Mondays and click on the newest book link below, OR follow this page by clicking on “Follow”. You’ll receive an email with a link to the latest entry update once a week. (Super-easy to unfollow – just click “Follow” again)


Books written and/or illustrated by John Himmelman:

  1. Talester the Lizard (Dial Press – May 1982)
  2. Amanda and the Witch Switch (Viking Kestrel – May 1985)
  3. Charlotte Cheetham, Master of Disaster (Harper Collins – November 1985)
  4. The Talking Tree or Don’t Believe Everything You Hear (Viking Kestrel – April 1986)
  5. Amanda and the Magic Garden (Viking Kestrel – 1987)
  6. Snuggle Piggy and the Magic Blanket (Dutton – 1987)
  7. Let’s Count 12345 (Joshua Morris – 1988)
  8. Go To Sleep, Nicholas Joe (Harper & Row – 1988)
  9. Charlotte the Starlet (Harper & Row – 1988)
  10.  Rainboots for Breakfast (Silver Burdette – 1988)
  11. Shopping for Snowflakes (Silver Burdette – 1988)
  12. The Ups and Downs of Simpson Snail (Dutton – 1989)
  13. Charlotte the Starlette and Annie the Great (Harper & Row – 1989)
  14. Ellen and the Goldfish (Harper & Row – 1990)
  15. Montigue on the High Seas (Viking 1990)
  16. Buzby (Harper & Row – 1990)
  17. The Great Leaf Blast-off (Silver Seedling 1990)
  18. The Day Off Machine (Silver Seedling 1990)
  19. Ibis, A True Whale Story (Scholastic 1990)
  20. The Super Camper Caper (Silver Seedling 1991)
  21. The Clover County Carrot Contest (Silver Seedling 1991)
  22. A Guest is a Guest (Dutton 1991)
  23. Young Christopher Columbus: Discoverer of New Worlds (Troll 1992)
  24. Young George Washington: American’s First President (Troll 1992)
  25. Hanukkah Lights, Hanukkah Nights (Harper 1992)
  26. The Christmas Star (Standard Publishing – 1992)
  27. Simpson Snail Sings (Dutton – 1992)
  28. Wanted: Perfect Parents (Troll 1993)
  29. Buzby to the Rescue (Harper 1993)
  30. I’m Not Scared! (Cartwheel 1994)
  31. The Fisherman and the Turtle Princess (Harcourt Brace 1995)
  32. The Story of Myrtle Marie (Harcourt Brace 1995)
  33. Lights Out! (Troll 1995)
  34. J.J Vs the Babysitter (Troll 1996)
  35. Young Thomas Edison: Great Inventor (Troll – 1996)
  36. Hooray! It’s Passover! (Harper 1996)
  37. Sarah and the Terns (Random House 1997)
  38. Ben’s Birthday Wish (Random House 1997)
  39. Honest Tulio (Troll 1997)
  40. A Ladybug’s Life (Children’s Press 1998)
  41. A Salamander’s Life (Children’s Press 1998)
  42. A Slug’s Life (Children’s Press 1998)
  43. The Animal Rescue Club (Harper 1998)
  44. A Wood Frog’s Life (Children’s Press 1998)
  45. Sound the Shofar (Harper 1998)
  46. A Luna Moth’s Life (Children’s Press 1998)
  47. A Dandelion’s Life (Children’s Press 1999)
  48. A Pill Bug’s Life (Children’s Press 1999)
  49. A Monarch Butterfly’s Life (Children’s Press 1999)
  50. A House Spider’s Life (Children’s Press 1999)
  51. A Hummingbird’s Life (Children’s Press 2000)
  52. Mort the Sport (Orchard 2000)
  53. An Earthworm’s Life (Children’s Press 2001)
  54. A Mouse’s Life (Children’s Press 2001)
  55. A Mealworm’s Life (Children’s Press 2001)
  56. Pipaluk and the Whales (National Geographic 2002)
  57. Discovering Moths, Nighttime Jewels in Your Own Backyard (Downeast Books 2003)
  58. Frog in a Bog (Charlesbridge 2004)
  59. Mouse in a Meadow (Charlesbridge 2005)
  60. Discovering Amphibians, Frogs & Salamanders of the Northeast (Downeast Books 2006)
  61. Tudley Didn’t Know (Arbordale 2006)
  62. Chickens to the Rescue! (Henry Holt 2006)
  63. Katie Loves the Kittens (Henry Holt 2008)
  64. A Daddy Longlegs Isn’t a Spider (Finney/Windward 2009)
  65. Field Guide to the Night-singing Insects of the Northeast (Stackpole Books 2009)
  66. Who’s at the Seashore? (Northword/Globe Pequot 2009)
  67. Pigs to the Rescue! (Henry Holt 2010)
  68. Ten Little Hotdogs (Marshall Cavendish/Scholastic 2010)
  69. Cows to the Rescue! (Henry Holt 2011)
  70. Cricket Radio: Tuning in the Nightsinging Insects (Harvard Press 2011)
  71. Noisy Bug Sing-Along (Dawn Publications 2013)
  72. Katie and the Puppy Next Door (Henry Holt 2013)
  73. Duck to the Rescue! (Henry Holt 2013)
  74. Basic Guide to Frogs, Snakes, Bugs, and Slugs (Falcon 2013)
  75. Tales of Bunjitsu Bunny (Henry Holt 2014)
  76. Noisy Bird Sing-Along (Dawn Publications 2014)
  77. Bunjitsu Bunny’s Best Move (Henry Holt 2015)
  78. The Cow Said Meow (Henry Holt 2016)
  79. Bunjitsu Bunny Jumps to the Moon! (Henry Holt 2016)
  80. There’s a Bug on my Book! (Dawn Publications 2017)
  81. Bunjitsu Bunny Vs Bunjitsu Bunny (Henry Holt 2017)
  82. Wait Till it Gets Dark (Globe Pequot 2017)
  83. Floaty (Henry Holt 2018)
  84. Box Turtle (Globe Pequot 2018)
  85. The Giant and the Fire Sea (Henry Holt 2018)



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